Sunday, April 1, 2012

Facts About The Middle Bay Lighthouse

The Middle Bay Lighthouse On An Overcast Day
The Middle Bay Lighthouse
Although the state of Alabama is not know as a lighthouse state, the Middle Bay lighthouse is definitely popular and a favorite for many people. There are shirts, cups, pictures, replicas, etc that have been made in dedication to this AL light station. This is possibly due to the fact that this lighthouse has been standing for well over 100 years in the Mobile Bay, and for basically all of those years it has been an active lighthouse.

There are some lighthouses that are not easily accessible by walking or driving to it, but this Middle Bay lighthouse sits in the middle of a body of water that can only be accessed by boat. Nevertheless people still love and adore this lighthouse, so much so that over the years there has been many talks of restoring, moving, or remodeling the light station. Although these topics have come up off and on over the years, nothing definite has been planned in relation to the future of this lighthouse. If you are looking for pictures of the lighthouse in Middle Bay, take a look at this domain: .

This is just one of the many attractions in the state of Alabama, USA but for a list of more things to do, take a look at this website. While here you will only find the top 10 attractions you can enjoy, a part from the Middle Bay lighthouse, there are still other plenty of things to do while your visit there.

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